ReferralMagic: Turning your Customers into Advocates

The key to a successful referral program is to turn your Customers into Advocates who will share the program with their friends & family to help you grow your business. How you promote your referral program will determine its success. It’s extremely important to make your customers aware of your program and entice them to join. To do so, you’ll have to outline the benefits of becoming an Advocate by showing the reward they’ll receive and the incentive they’ll be able to offer to their friends and family. We will go through the three best channels to help turn your customers into Advocates. 

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SEO: What is it and why should small businesses care?

When it comes to marketing the terms “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” get thrown around everywhere. From technical articles about web development to suggestions about keywords and content writing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in all the commotion it causes. We’ve boiled it down to a simple explanation to get you caught up with the basics and to understand how it affects running a business.

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3 Best Practices for your Google My Business Page

Whether your business is just getting off the ground or is already well established in your community, setting up and optimizing Google My Business is extremely important for helping new customers discover you. Google My Business will help put your business on the map (literally!) for potential customers to discover your business.

Below, we’ll discuss how to optimize your Google My Business page to ensure your business is appearing prominently in local search results.

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