Why you should be optimized for mobile.

There is no question mobile is not going anywhere. According to Marketingland.com 60% of internet access is mobile. 61% of users are using their devices while watching TV. What does this mean for businesses?

This means that being optimized for mobile is a necessity. Imagine you spend money on a tv commercial and a potential customer becomes interested. The customer now wants to find more information about your company/product. There are several options here: They can run over to their desktop, pull out their laptop, use their tablet or use their smartphone. Now tablets and cellphones require websites that are optimized for mobile so if your website is not optimized you are already running the risk of losing them. Given the fact we know at least 60% or consumers are on their cellphones you are alienating over have your potential customers.

Lets take another scenario. You spend money on a flyer campaign. You have flyers posted around the area or people are handing them out. Now lets say this campaign is effective and people are becoming interested. At this point they want to find out more about your business. Again the options are similar, you can hope they remain interested and remember you when they get home and turn on their desktop. Maybe they have their laptop, then they will have to be interested enough to find a seat and internet access to go online and find out more about you. Of course they may go directly to your location but according to adweek.com 81% of people research online before before buying anything. This leaves us the much easier option of pulling out their cellphone and finding your business on the spot. Without a mobile ready website these customers may quickly lose interest or not take you seriously.

The point is having a strong mobile experience is necessary. As the internet became dominant websites were necessary. Now mobile has become a strong extension and a mobile experience is required. Next week I will discuss what makes for a great mobile experience.

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